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Track: "Ano Natsu He"



I don’t know why, this song always makes me feel sad…


it’s sad because it reminds you that every great adventure has to end, you must say goodbye to every friend eventually, and that the power of these experiences will live on only in your memories, and even if you do forget…. they live on through your actions and choices from then on.

so I guess in a way, they never really die. This is why my goal in life is to make good movies; to make adventures for people to experience, and for that experience to live forever in them.

After all you haven’t forgotten what you’ve learned from Spirited Away even if you’ve never put it into words, right??

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Back when I was in school for graphic design and I tutored people, a lot of people complained about not being able to afford software (because it is ridic expensive). Autodesk offers free software (with a 36 month license key), to ANY students. Want to learn how to animate? Go grab Maya and learn! Wanna learn how to model characters or just general objects? Go grab 3DS Max! Or maybe sculpting is your thing? Go grab Mudbox and have fun! Or grab Sculptris. There’s a fuckton of programs to mess with and learn things, and no need to go waste time on a torrent. 

The only downside to the license is it’s not for commercial use. Technically you don’t have to be a student either and really who’s gonna know but it’s a great way to practice and learn something new! You are still allowed to showoff your stuff and throw it in your portfolio, so maybe one day you can get that animating job and not have to waste 3k on one program.

All those icons in that third photo? Those are all free programs/apps you can get. They’re all full versions, and come with tutorials from basic to advanced stuff. For both Windows and Mac too. 

So go sign up and, go grab some stuff. There’s really no reason not to.


I think I’ve out-done the corgi comic in terms of my most elaborate premise. I made this when I was REALLY tired. 


I do a lot of these. | So do other people.

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Do you think people are born villains, or do they live long enough to fight for those they care for, those they love, before realizing what they become?

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A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate the animators of DreamWorks? Just look at these expressions. One of the most bad-ass characters of animated history showing their humane, vulnerable side.

I mean… just look at their expressions. The moment is just a few seconds, but you can clearly see what is going through their mind and what they feel.

This is what I call animation done right, my dear followers.


Iconic quotes about Art and Creativity

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